Make Someone Smile 😄




Come to my GT


Thank you for GBOTing


Just bumping this thing from Fearless. If you see this, you should probabaly do it


I’m so gonna do it. Probably in the New Year. But I promise I will do it. I think @tankt2016 has already helped me by seporting me when I was down. Thanks :grinning:


Fearless says “thank you for being the third(?) person to do it”


Is Fearless you sibling? Don’t worry, you don’t have to answer if you don’t wanna.


We’re just friends.
Although I practically live at Fea’s house.


You should put it on your bio. Gotta go… see ya again tomorrow maybe? Bye


Why does that go in my bio?

Okay. Cya later.

You can talk on my gt instead of here, tho.



Bump again.

@FearlessPhoenix you are honestly super amazing. I wish you didn’t leave this place. I mean, I know I still see you every day but this place isn’t gonna be the same. I read your updated bio, I’ll do my best. Thanks for saying that. Even when you’re life is… rough, to say the least… you still try to make other people smile and you put them before thinking about you. That’s why you’re great. People are gonna miss you, y’know.
I’ll try to live up to your epicness but I can’t promise that I’ll succeed.

Thanks for existing


@CoderOfMagic — You are such a great friend! You’re kind, compassionate, and funny, and are a terrific coder!
@FearlessPhoenix you are such a fantastic person! You’re very unique, likeable, an amazing coder, resilient, and like sophia71205 said, you’ve definitely got the most fitting username on the whole forum!
@GweTv you’re our local funny, nice memelord people like!
I’ll be adding to this. Probably.
Lol I’m really really bad with words. If I were better at wording things this would probably be better but oh well lol.

Metal is awesome so come join A_Metalhead in his GT

Aw thanks!


You’re so lucky I’m out of likes again XD


Fea says “you’re welcome bro. I meant every word :))”


Proof needed.


@tankt2016 and @MewtwoCreator you guys are both epic and actually did the challenge thing. Fea says thanks + really appreciates it.

@KVJ you’re a pretty cool guy and a super epic coder and an even better friend. 22/22 100% A++


Wow thanks!

Also no i am a rubbish guy and a terrible coder and an even worse friend. You are actually 23/22 100.01% A****


You’re welcome.

Nothing you say is true.

How dare you lie


No you’re the best forum friend I’ve ever had on here
And you’re like a coding idol on Hs
And you’re overall AMAZINGGGGGG


If nothing i say is true then how could i possibly be likeable or good?