Make Someone Smile 😄



Aww thank you!

I still haven’t done this


Thank you so, so much.
Really :))


@CoderOfMagic- A amazing person who makes me feel amazing about myself. You are a kind and spirited person, and sometimes I wish I could meet you irl. You make my day, everyday. Com you are the best ;p


Thanks, that makes me smile:)


Yours made me smile :grinning:


That’s why I made it:)
1 + 2 = 3 lol


Wanna chat?


I’ll tag you on my gt
Or do you wanna do a wb?


Don’t mind


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LGBOT soon tho, okay?


hello is it ok if i say something for someone



Yeah of course you can!

This is a topic where you can tag anyone, anytime and say something nice to them


Heyy @FearlessFriends, @omtl,
It’s the end of 2018, and almost the beginning for 2019. It’s also December – a major month for holidays, and those are times of cheer and happiness, times when people show kindness to others. What better way to end off a year and start the next than to make someone’s day? So here’s a challenge for all of you. Pick at least 5 people on the forum, (3 if you can’t manage 5) and go out of your way to do something super nice for them. Code them a project about them, draw them, write an essay about why they are epic, spamlike them-- it doesn’t matter what you do, or how big it is compared to someone else. What matters is the effort – the fact that you put in time and effort and cared enough to do something for them. Tag the person and post the thing you made for them on this topic, and a few extra, nice words on the side wouldn’t hurt

Let’s make some people happy guys.


Sounds great!


Nice idea Fea. I’ll do it if I can.

Doesn’t @trust_level_0 tag everyone on the forum? You should probably use that

Edit: oh wait it doesn’t tag. Does anyone know why that tag didn’t work?


Hmmmm… @trust_level_0.


See? That’s weird, isn’t it?
Let’s go to a different topic though.


@trust_level_0 doesn’t work? I don’t think any of these tags do anymore
the everyone, trust_level_n, and moderators tags don’t work


I’m not good with coded projects, can I do art?
Wait I just saw it