Make Someone Smile 😄



He knows i don’t like him it’s mostly just to bug Sophia


Wait she actually likes him and it’s not a joke like you and Petrichor? Whoa okay gosh a lot changed since I left


Yeah i don’t even know how it all happened


Honestly I’m starting to think I shoulda just stayed. Maybe stuff would actually make sense then? Irdk


Yeah it probably definitely would


also btw is ur meńtal health topic still open? can u invite me to it if it is ty


Oh! You’re Sophia.
Fea told me about you. It’s nice to meet you!

I see you quoted Fea next to your name. That’s cool.

If Fea was put on a pedestal they wouldn’t be able to help people that much then…?


finally found you accepting a compliment for once :stuck_out_tongue:


Fair excuse to spam me
Thanks!!! :]
You also are awesome


What XD




Ehh I’ll accept them.

Depends on who they’re comin from and what it is, exactly


@HamilIHimself if this account was the real you I would be overjoyed. You are my idol. I want to grow up to be like you. You’re cool, funny and speak your opinion even if it isn’t the popular one.


Being bipolar
With painkillers
Are really, tough.
I hope you are feeling up, HS is welcomed by every time you post!


Aw thank you!
Im trying my to help myself with my mood swings, and it works most of the time.
Im working on a lot of stuff right now and I’m a bit stressed too, so that means a lot!
Doing a lot of drawings and work, I might be on later this week to finish some requests and finish all the mistletoe stuff.

(I also really really want to meet all my HS friends irl but that won’t happen. I feel like that meeting will cure me of my de pre ssion


@CoderOfMagic you’ve been such an awesome friend and I’m extremely glad to have met you! You’re always ready to talk if something is wrong, and you try to help everyone! You’re super friendly and kind, and I love to get new updates from you everyday! You were one of the only people that reached out to me, and you pulled me from the darkness in to the light. Thx!!!


Lol, spellcheck. I’m guessing you meant thanks?


Yes oops


I hope we could meet irl.
And I didn’t pull you into the light,
You had the courage
The determination
To do that yourself;)


@Petrichor, a master, at getting caught.


@CTS- you’re first on my list. You are kind, your art is the top of the hill, and you always know what you are doing. I’m so glad you commented 8 months ago on Hs that R.A.T.S is not P0L, otherwise I’ll be in the shadow
@SarcasticTvHead- I enjoy your flawless art so much. You are always there for me, and you’re jokes cheer me up. You understand me when I’m down, and you helped me know that grades are the bottom of my list.
@Ivy- Where could I start? You’re so kind, really. When I have an idea, you post a little pic of it. I’m so glad you’re back on Hs! You really accept my ideas. I’ll always remember you’re kindness whoever I’m meeting, wherever I am
@FearlessPhoenix- Your code is spectacular! You are definitely Fearless, and you have as much personality as a Phœnix. You deserve to code for kings, for THT itself. You always make me feel better in the current situation, and that makes me smile