Make Someone Smile 😄



Yeah that would be cool. I’d like to meet him.


@FearlessPhoenix ily and everyone else here does too… you good?




I know you’ve been goin though some stuff and I’m super sorry about that and I hope it gets better. I’m sorry if I did anything to add to it I’m not the only one blaming myself here, Someone kinda was too
You’re super special, amazing and loved.


Ty but I’m feeling better now ig


Oof I know exactly what you mean about even the smallest thing in the most insignificant place infIicting pain… Im super sorry that happens…
I hope it gets better and I know you’re super strong and you can and will fight it. I’m glad you’re trying to not relapse. Relapsing socks. It’s even worse if it happens after the people you care about know about it. I guess that just adds to the pain. I don’t know how you manage to not relapse. Honestly.
If you ever need a shoulder to lean on or someone to talk too, I’m here for ya :))

@A_Metalhead dude I’d have done this in a different post but y’know.
Bro I’m so super sorry you feel that way I really am. I never meant for you to just get stuck having people only talk to you just to talk to me. You’re so much better than that, so much more special. Ily bro and I’m super sorry about that.
Also super duper sorry about what’s going on with you at ‘home’ and stuff. I’m here for you bro. I know you’ve tried to talk to people on here about it and I’m really sorry that basically no ones been listening. You deserve so much better bro, you really do. I’m here to listen and I always will be. Y’know you can come by my house any time and I’ll have time for you, yeah? I’ll be here to watch trippy tool vids and movies and draw crazy stuff with you at 1 am. I’ll be here to code with you, play music with you, play video games with you, help you dye your hair in the craziest ways imaginable and do basically everything else. You have a home here and you’re loved.
Anything you need, any time. I got your back brother. Ily


Ik, you told me… I’m glad

I just wanted to say that here.
And reiterate ig.


Thank you, and I’m Sirius, thank you. You’ve made me smile, but more in a warm fuzzy way.


@FearlessPhoenix, we don’t agree on everything, but you need put on a pedestal if you aren’t already (you already are in my opinion). You’re an awesome person. No matter how much you’ve been through, you come back from the ashes like a phoenix. You seriously have the most fitting username on the whole forum. You’re very inspiring and you’ve helped me more than you’ll ever know.

@Someone45356, you’re a totally amazing artist and person. Just remember that no matter what you think of yourself, I think you’re awesome.

@SarcasticTvHead, nindroid is mine, but you’re still a fantastic friend.

@LunaMorgana387, I’ve spam liked you recently and looking through your posts, I made a good decision in spam liking you. You deserve it because you’re awesome.

@xse you’re pretty cool. I won’t deny it. You’ve made mistakes and turned down the chance to turn over a new leaf, but even you need a compliment and deserve a smile. You’re smart when it comes to technology, so use it for the good and you’ll have a great life ahead of you. Just reply on another topic.


Fite me girl
You’re fantastic too lol


I… need to be put on a pedestal? Huh? Thank you and thank you and thank you again. I’m so glad I could’ve helped you. If you ever need anything ever come to me and I’ll be there


No fites on this topic please. But @Petrichor might smile cuz y’all are fighting over him.


Oh we do this everytime we talk


Oh very interesting.

I bet he loves that lol


Have u seen the poll? Lol


Wait there’s a poll? I actually haven’t seen it



Hmm I’ll go with option C or D.

Option C) None of the above
Option D) Let him pick


He would probably rather marry the floor


Lol but then he’d be marrying (the) @anon73709438

Honestly tho lol if I were him I’d just stay out of this.