Make Someone Smile πŸ˜„



Offer is still open, in case anyone wants it.


Just add your own ideas in this list, don't add anything else. I'll supervise the edits, so don't delete anyone else's things...

The List Of Ideas To Make Someone Smile
  • Give them a shoutout
  • Say something nice
  • Make a project dedicated to them on Hopscotch
  • Draw them a picture!


Where can I take myself off the tag list


In the first OMTL topic... sorry for tagging you, I can tell you didn't wanna be tagged.


It's fine I just have gotten too many tags


Great idea :D




Thank you! :blush: You doing it?


Yes, I am.


Cool... I needa go and find a sad person to cheer up.
That's not me


@FearlessPhoenix, you are an amazing person. You continue to care for others before caring for yourself.

Please know I will always be here for you if you need to talk, or get advice.

-Mimi οΌˆοΌΎΟ‰οΌΎοΌ‰


Oh my whaaaaa.... I did not expect that... thank you so much!


No problem, and just so you knowβ€” I meant every word of that.


@Petrichor, yeah, you were pretty much my first really good friend on the forum. Whenever I was really sad or something's was wrong, you always found a way to cheer me up. Thanks for being a great friend. I know that you're now really going through stuff that's too tough for you to handle, but, if you are, I'll be there for you, like you were always there for me. Thanks

@TheDrawer, my first friend on Hopscotch, and one of my best on the forum. You're always there for everyone, an amazingly positive person that puts others ahead of herself, an amazing coder and drawer, what more could one want from you? You're amazing, and, if I could, if you were, I'd be proud to call you someone that's like my younger sister that I never had. But, I'm still lucky enough to call you my friend. Thank you for being there for me.

@KayKat, @sophia71205 and @MiNi, each an amazing coder, friend, kind person and almost everything amazing out together. You're both great friends, always there for others and willing to sacrifice. Guys, if y ever need anything, I'm here for you guys too. Thanks..


Thank you again... I...thanks...


Tha-thank you. I'm here for your too if you need it. Always.


You're welcome, but I'm the one that should say thanks.


Thank you. Thank you so much. It really means a lot to me that I actually made someone smile or feel better. I'd also be proud to call you the older sibling that I never had. Every time I've ever talked to you I've had a smile on my face and I really really appreciate it.


That's a great idea senpai!


Awe. That means so much to me. Thanks! I am glad that you think that, but I am a normal human. I just try to allow God to work through me.