Make Someone Smile 3 😄

Happy :keycap_ten::zero: !:partying_face:


Happy :one::zero::zero::hash::100:Again


Thanks @via for the likes :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


no problem! i’m gonna keep going


Uh oh :upside_down_face: (Uno reverse)


Happy 100 day! YOUR 100% a great coder!


happy 100th day!!! it’s awesome having you contribute to the forum on a daily basis- and you’re a great friend as well. Congrats! :smile_cat:


100th day compliment bomb!

A-Z compliment bomb!

A @Awesome_E - a very big thank you for always helping out! you’re an amazing coder and lead :)

B @Babyhorse3000 you’re an amazing person and scrolls through profile an amazing coder!! like wow, your bio rly downplays your awesomeness :)

@Brutus - ik you haven’t been active for a while, but if u ever return i just want u to know that i look up to u as a coder and an artist, and totally freaked out when you followed me! you’re amazing in every way!

@braynee202 - your art and songs are soooo amazing! you’re also just really funny in general, and i look forward to seeing your posts on the app every day.

C @Cutedogs1Forum - you’re just about the nicest person ever!! tysm for always making my day, and everyone else’s too. never change <3 /p

@Crosbyman - tysm for always being there to help with coding! you’re really awesome and patient with my lack of knowledge and experience haha, also a really awesome hop in general!

D @Da-Orange - you’re an amazing artist and scrolling through ur profile you also have awesome projects! also ik you’re sorta new to the forum but you’re doing everything amazingly, and if you ever need help (well first ask leaders or welcome team haha) i’m here for you!

@DaughterOfHecate - how in the world will i say so much in around 3 sentences?! Tero, you’re the reason i’m on the forum. you’re the reason i make so many dam percy jackson references. you’re the most amazing person i know, probably. ily sis <3 /p

@Dragongirl1264 - i don’t know you as well as i want to. you seem like an amazing person (lol i feel like the only adjective i use is amazing - but i mean it!) and your art is soooooo good (do you take commisions?)

E @Electogenius and @ElijahPw - you both have amazing coding skills! like way better than me, but it’s not hard to be better than me so not a good comparison /hj. but seriously you two are amazing!

F @FearlessPhoenix - thank you for never being annoyed by all of my tags, and always helping out. you’re the most patient person ever, and as fearless as your username proclaims <3 /p

G @GOATGAMES - you’re not rly active that much, but i think you’re still my most-replied to in my profile! you’re funny and smart and overall, the G.O.A.T. (yes yes puns)

H @moocow - you’re really kind and an awesome artist! i’d love to see some art from you-and if you take commisions i’d gladly order :)

I @Innerpanda - pandyyy! welcome back! you’re such a good coder, and so nice, and maybe we could do a collab sometime? idk, this is super random but i’d love to work with you :)!

@Impasta - you’re such a good coder, and i love your simple (in terms of objectives) yet super entertaining games! keep on coding, i love seeing stuff from you!

J uhhhh idk anyone…

K @MooseCat - hey there! idk you that well but you seem like an awesome funny person, and a great coder. i look forward to seeing everything you code!

L @LunaLovegood - you’re such an awesome artist and coder! i seriously don’t know how i wasn’t following you before, you’re so amazing!!

M @Moldycheese8 - ahhh where do I start?? your art is amazing, your coding is amazing, and you’re super kind!

N @SEPIA - you seem really nice and awesome, i’d love to get to know you better! also your coding is soooo good!!!

@Nobody - your coding is legally amazing, and nobody can argue with me on that, but please don’t, you’d lose /hj.

O skip skip skippity skip

P @Pumpkin - you’re such a good coder, and all of your projects are just so amazing! also an amazing lead and just a great person in general!!!

Q @QuadraticStudios - you’re a coding genius, and you seem really nice. i’d love to get to know you better!

R @Ren - you’re awesome! i’m a long time fan and follower of your account, your trail and pixel arts have inspired me more than you’ll ever know :)

@RoadOcean - you’re so kind and such an active member in the forum community! it’s so awesome to see you code as well, your projects are seriously amazing.

S @sophia - your amazing (and often hilarious) projects always put a smile on my face. you’re kind, smart, and just awesome in every way.

@Serenity - your projects are so amazing, i can’t even put it into words. just-wow. and your art too-you’re amazing at everything and such an amazing human.

T @Tri-Angle - you’re amazing and smart and so helpful, always. thank you for being patient with my annoying tags and problems haha. idk where anyone would be without you here to help us!

@TheDeliciousOrange - your projects & art are sooo sooo sooo awesome, and your personality is as well! i always look forward to seing your new projects, they always make me smile!

@Temm - you are a literal genius, no joke. and a really kind and awesome person! and this is unrelated but i love ur pfp haha

@TB23 - ty for helping me transition back into the forum! you’re an amazing artist, i love seeing you post art! also you’re really kind!

U skippity skipper

V @via - you are so kind, seriously. and you don’t give yourself enough credit for it, and all of your projects. (you may think they’re cringy, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be awesome!)

W @William04GamerA - you’re an inspiration to me :). you’re an awesome coder & trail artist, and a patient and kind person, tysm from us all on the forum, we’re lucky to have a lead like you!

@Wally - you seem really nice and funny! i’d love to get to know you better

X yeah idk

Y @Yuanyuan ty for always being so helpful and an awesome person!

Z skip!

And finally, shoutout to all my favorite @CuteLittleCoders, my supportive team of people who can deal with my craziness. ily all!!! /p

I tried to include everyone, and i promise i meant every single thing I said. This forum is filled to the brim with supportive, kind, smart people who all deserve everything, and i thank you all for being here!


Thanks friendo! :hs_bear:
I appreciate the sentiment


awww thank you so much :face_holding_back_tears: so are you!!! i guess back then i thought my projects were pretty cool haha…but still you mean so much to me and you definitely just made my entire week :heart: you’re awesome!!!


Thank you! Congrats on 100 days!


aww tysm :pleading_face: happy to help


Um :no_mouth: that was good? Even though you didn’t mention me it’s fine but that was very nice of you! HAPPY :one::zero::zero::bangbang::grey_exclamation::exclamation::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: @Cutelittlepuppydog


omg i forgot you?? no way- checks arghh whyyy??
here pm:

you’re amazing and kind and awesome!!! it’s such an honor to share this community with someone as awesome as urself :)


TYSM!!! :face_holding_back_tears:I feel bad… I made you do it thanks sosososo much! By the way your amazing too!


Awww, thank you so much!!!

Happy 100th day! I’ve been blown away by your amazing friendliness and talent every single day of it


aw thank you, and im glad you like my pfp :D


nah dude i forgot u, dw if i knew i would’ve done it anyways haha


Thank you :pleading_face:, loolll, I bet I’m not but ily too sibby <3


Oh my, thank you so much!! That’s very sweet of you, and you’re much much more amazing!!
I hope you have a great 100th day!