Make Somebody's Day, Plz Join



I have seen a lot of really nice people on forum giving people really nice compliments but then I remember that a lot of people on hopscotch need some people to cheer up their day. Now I was thinking that me and a few other hopscotchers could create a Collab account and make quotes and just Make People's day! If u are INTRESTED write your name below and what u would want to do. If u don't want or can't leave your account just tell me!!

Leader- @MYD
Members-@Follow4LikesOfficial @ProgrammingHero @Stick88 @tankt2016 @GracefulIcing1 @RobotPro @LazyLizard @codingCupcake123 @Timelord007
@RubyWolf1 @danyangjr @Stick88


Friendly Tag list



Sure, why did you tag yourself? XD




I'd like to join to create some quotes and help spreading the message! :smile:


Ok, can u get more people to join but then you guys r in!
You guys can tag if u want!!


I just don't think I'll be very active... But I'll try.


I want to join! (Warning some days I can't be active). (Sorry it took so long... Ran out of replies)


I'll join, I already started a website in December!


For what?? The make your day thing, oh yeah, ok ur in!!


Yeah, it's in our Collab account drafts, it's called the Make-Someone's-Day Website. Except I'm having trouble with the sign up sheet. You'll see, just tap Sign Up.


I'll join! 202020200


I think this is very nice!
I'll join!


This sounds like a GREAT idea! I love making people feel great about their accomplishments! I'll try to help out, but I really can't dedicate fully to the collab thing, but I love giving compliments! Like this:
(Actually happened) (this demonstrates compliment skills that I hang out with)
Teacher with bald head: Always give compliments to people whenever!
Kid: Nice Hair!
Teacher laughs really hard....
Don't worry, I give much better compliments and the teacher said he enjoyed bald hair!


I'll join! (Just wondering, is this bananadog in her other account "make your day"?)


This is not her, it is a different person


Can I join? This sounds AWESOME! Can I be tagged too? I like being tagged :joy:


Wait you can run out of replies? Didn't know that :blush:


This sounds nice. I want to join plz:blush:


I can join I just can't go out of my account :confused: