Make Smishy Happy Club! (M.S.H)


Do you know that @Smishy is @smishsmash?

  • Obviously
  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No
  • Wait…WHAT?!


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Let's make @Smishy cough @smishsmash happy again!
Dont you think we need her?

  • Yes!
  • IDK
  • No
  • The forum will be the same


Votes are public.

We will have club activitys

Here's the form:
Do you want Smishy back?
Are you active?
Head Admin and club owner @Explorer_




Head Admin @Explorer_







How levels work
You start out as Novice, every level has a count of replies until they get promoted.

Novices can participate in activities
Beginners can do the upbove and give advise on how to make the club better
Members can do the upbove and invite friends
Regulars can do the upbove and post on your general topic about this club
Leaders can do the upbove and create activitys using the CMTL, and go to the Leaders+ discussion topic
Mods can do the upbove and moderate posts
Admin can do the upbove and go to the Admin meeting topic

Replies until promotion
@MR.GAM3R: 4 more until basic
@Silverdolphin: 2 more until basic
@CodePerfect: 3 more until basic
@Mothwolf: 4 more until basic
@Hermione: 4 more until basic

@Paige1212: 6 more until Mod
@MiNi: 6 more until Mod





I luv the idea! Unfortunately, I'm not really friends with her :cry:


Yes I do want @Smishy back
I am active but not all days but mostly!


You don't have to be friends with her, if she's your senpai, I suggest you join.


That's fine! Is that the answer for the form?


Oh cool! Can I join?


Just fill in the form!


Since @Paige1212 and @MiNi are the first to people to join, you both are granted leader!
(If you'll fill in the form @MiNi)


Yay, ima do it right now!


Do you want Smishy back... what does that mean? Did she go somewhere?


Here you go!!!


Oh hai @Smishy how are you


I left one account

I'll end up leaving this one too at some point :)

............... Uh............ tired, hungry, thirsty, and a bunch of other stuff..

Yikes :grimacing:
Dont think I can answer that, sorry.


@Smishy why you no happy


Yes to both da questions




Yay!!! I'm a leader!!!

Also, Smishy plz stayyyy!!!!!!


you guys know that your not going to make me stay no matter how hard you try.. right? :0


But why did you leave?

Sorry, I wasn't here