Make Smishy Die...LIVE :000 (giving compliments to smishy show with host Disky :D)



Cmon guys let's go

Imma make topics for Disky and Gilly and make but ya

Waff yesss


Wait what
How did I get on this list? XD

But everyone else I agree with 142%


Be warned, I have never died. I have a gold star saying so.

But this is your thing, not ours. You don't have to make topics for me, at least. :slight_smile:


Maybe we can do 2 people each topic :00

Or a big topic for everyone?

  • - 2 for each topic
  • - one big topic
  • -


Votes are public.


hmmmmm idk they're both a good idea

how would we even decide which two??


Nuu don't vote the blank one pls


I don't know :000

I think we should make a big huge topic!

But would that exclude people? Shout we collab? :0


ok ok XD

i guess the big one bc then anyone can kill anyone

i'm on like 72 government watchlists now i stg XD


it could be like talk to a hser but instead you tag anyone, compliment them and see if they die XD


Make your friend die! (Safely xD)


ok i'll make the topic :DD


Ok waff! :D


You know how there's badges for things like "nice topic"? There should be a badge for dying a certain number of times XD Smishy would have that badge XD


I would have infinity of those badges xD


I'm not sure it's possible for Disky or Gilly to die XD


I've died like twice

You have to meet high criteria for me to die XD


I don't remember you dying, I'll go hunt in unread later for it. XD


we gots a topic now :DD

already had to edit a typo :')


Fir Smishy:


Uh, what's this? O_o
You're making people die? What? How is that safe?