Make Smishy Die...LIVE :000 (giving compliments to smishy show with host Disky :D)



Hi! This is the Make Smishy Die...LIVE official topic xD

Disky's explanation of what Make Smishy Die is!:

And a lot more people :000000

You can make projects, comics, etc for Make Smishy Die live, and well, ya xD

Inty and Disky are making 2 amazing games, check them out when finished!

This is where having my like notifications off comes in handy >:D
btw this isn't actual this is completely safe no worries

Make a Hopscotcher Melt With Kindness!
Forum Message...Things

Smishsmash are you the musician guy on musically?


Musician_4_life Murphy said that they said they were you in the topic
If you are then please unblock me because I like you


@Rainboom and @Veritaserum @KayKay please delete your posts! Thanks!


K just ignore those posts until they get deleted thanks :DD
I know nothing about a musician guy on musically D:


Sorry in the process of deleting a bunch of useless kiddie apps


Ok! :) just please delete them as soon as you can, thanks!


This is a thing now? XD



Hey it's not my fault xD


What thing? I'm just making storage for iOS 10


This topic lol.




Could someone please explain? Because I'm kind of (coughreally) confused.


Ya e topic isn't a thing yet lol it's still waiting for something to happen


Basically, (usually around 8 eastern lol) a bunch of people do things like spam-like or compliment smishy so she "dies". I'm going to make a Hopscotch game about it eventually XD

It just kinda became a thing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


It's well.. fails at explaining stuff

What Disk said xD
The origin was DISKY topic and it kinda kept happening and became offical so.. yah


May we start? >:3

Oh smishy you won't know what hit you


Spam-liking, you said?

rubs hands together eagerly

Alright. So... We still have a while? To prepare?


Oh gosh hides behind.. air


I have my like notifs off don't worry >:D