Make record sound blocks!

Who thinks you should be able to record sound?


It would be good, but difficult to moderate.


As Nindroid says, it would be very helpful, but also hard to moderate. Safety is a big concern for Hopscotch, and it always will be, as it is used in schools and for young kids.


I agree. It would be a good block to have, but like others said, it would be hard to moderate.


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How to make a poll

Type EXACLY this
[poll] - (optinal) - (text)


Remember the - for each line!

How to make Aqua text

Type this: <a> This will turn out Aqua </a>

How to make Crossed out text

Do this: <s> this will be crossed out </s>

How to make invisible text

Invisible text cannot be seen by anyone. Why would you need it? Because sometimes you have to type in 20 charecters to reply to a forum post. So you can use this trick <this will be invisible>

How to make blurry text

To make this you do: [spoiler] anything here [/spoiler]

how to make a button

to do this, You type
<kbd> Hello! </kbd>

Also, I think this would be a great idea, But it would be hard to moderate


what? Really? Can I turn my text aqua? woop woop


Wow! That’s a very helpful post for a newcomer, I appreciate the time that you put into it! :smiley:


Yeah, recording would be nice, but it is a safety concern. Instead I think there should be a button to say how long the notes or sound should hold or last for. That’s needed


Maybe there should be an AI generated voice, so you type in what you want it to say. There could be limits like the typing filter. Basically anything you’re allowed to write, you can say.
I don’t know how to improvise for music though. @DogWithAPen’s idea is pretty good.
This way, all the sound is from HS, no third party recordings or anything. (And HS won’t have to remove copyrighted things?)

There could also be an option to turn on captions for the impaired (or for people like me who don’t want to mishear any words), since all the words have text that they’re generated from.


ISNBN has some good ideas, we could have a “Siri” voice or something like that. That would be nice for animations and stuff, possibly. I’m not sure what else we would use it for. I do think that Hopscotch needs to add more sound effects, though.

This is also a good idea :slight_smile:

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Yes, because when you make music, some notes must hold for a longer time! Instead of one second, the note should late for long! That way, there can be whole notes, half notes, eighth notes, and etc.

Let’s hope the Siri voice won’t say and bad words.

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Yes, I figured, It’s hard to recognize music or have much of a rhythm when it’s all made up of one kind of note. (I play viola btw)

Also, there’d be a filter, like how there’s a filter to monitor what you type.

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Ok! I’m playing the viola too when I get into middle school!

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Oh, yeah, also, should we tag someone from THT?

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Cool! Maybe we can talk more about this is a GT because we may be getting a little off topic. Maybe we can chat in mine? Idk though. I chose viola because eciolin wasn’t too hapigh and cello and violin are very competitive fields. You can stand out more easily when you choose a less competitive field

Uh, maybe we could do it to t1 or the hopscotch system

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Well, I was planning to just GBOT after that last post.


Hello @t1_hopscotch, we were all wondering if you or someone else from the hopscotch team could add a few changes to the music options in the code blocks. You see, in music there are whole notes and other types of notes that help make songs have more feels to them by making the time for each note to last longer or shorter. In the current music blocks, each note only last for 1 second. Instead, I think there should be an option for how long the note should last. For instance, in America’s national anthem, the “oh say can you see” part lasts for long and the notes are stretched, but in the “by the dawn” part, the notes are short. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you can make these changes in a future update.



Ok, I talked about my part, can someone else contact someone from THT to talk about the recording part? Thank

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There’s also this idea.


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