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Ok, credit to another topic for giving me this idea(I can’t remember who made the topic) But I have decided to start a game!
It’s where I say 5 letters and you have to make a sentence with each word starting with one of the letters in order. E.g A H Y T R, A Hairy Yak Tried Rolling. Get the idea? And then someone else would make another sentence starting with the last letters of the sentence the person before them made. E.g A Y K D G, Ants Yawned Kids Doing Golf. And so on, Let’s see how this goes (I’ll be happy to answer any questions along the way). I’ll start us off D F T P L (now make a sentence out of those letters)!


don’t fall through people lol

ok but this topic is a duplicated version of Last Letter Sentence Game, an official forum game :)) and tmk i dontttt think ppl can host nonofficial games but i might be wrong


I know… I’m sorry if I have done the wrong thing by copying someone else’s idea.

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no worries! feel free to play with some hopscotch forum games sometimes - you can find them all here: #forum-game!


no worries at all! we just like to keep the fun community topic as official things only (made by leaders) so we can control the balance between random fun stuff and cool hopscotch stuff

i’m gonna close this in a bit, but you’re absolutely welcome to suggest more cool ideas to us! we’ll definitely take them into account :))


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feel free to continue the discussion in the leaders qna topic!!