Make our Own Characters



Well check your badges to see. Because when I checked to see who was a Regular I saw you.


I know I'm a regular, but I can't see it by my picture


scratch has a good comunity with more mature people. not to be mean but hopscotch doesnt have the best community (yet)


Let's stop fighting and be friends, mr. I hack people to make their projects more secure:blush::blush: I saw what you said, I had no problems with your posts in Kiwicute2015 getting hacked, but I saw your bad word. It's so silly that that doesn't get past the monitor.
Continuing the discussion from I'm hacked on Hopscotch (Please don't change tags!):

Seriously, dude? This is a kids community. I just hope this doesn't get flagged, I'm trying to make a point here, @Liza @Ian @asha


and thanks for telling me "pissed" is not a nice word. Because if I didn't know that, I would've ended up saying it because I wouldn't know if it was bad or not. (sorry off topic)


A like for you @friendship2468!


Tattletaling isn't very nice. :neutral_face:


How?! Everyone's nice to each other, we know each other well, and we help each other out really well!! How is it not good?! :smiley:


not always, arguements are common, and just being mean to each other is another one.


That rarely happens. :wink:


maybe for you, but people copy others, sometimes out of jealousy or envy. I've experienced it, and a lot of others have to, plus there is a big problem with people "hacking others" which is really a matter of unsafe passwords and other simple conflicts. People aren't perfect, and with all the updates towards protecting against bullies you cant just say that without those updates we wouldn't have problems. Scratch on the other hand has a better communities because the devs never had to make an update to stop bullies.


Just don't end up saying it here. You're welcome. @Phase_Studios thanks for the like! And @chickenlord1501 please don't go around a good community saying bad words like the p word you just said, okay? Just trying to keep the community safe.


Oooh did you get the new iPad update because you're using iOS 9 emojis (sorry off topic I have nowhere else to put this)


Yes I told you guys already


I think it would be better to have the ability to upload images as our own characters. It could also work for uploading sounds. This way it will be easier for Hopscotch and easier for us.


I really hope Hopscotch gets to making upload able characters. Imagine our projects with that. We wouldn't be... Limited.


Just gonna point out that a lot of people pay attention to thumbnails.


ok, then, but do you at least get what im saying? Its decently challenging to make a drawing right now. Though, if we had the ability to make characters easily then it would open up the option for characters that are inapropriate.


I hope they add make your own character feature soon or at least fof a while because I'm working on a project that I would want to use my own characters or at least a few of my own characters but I'm not working on that game currently.


Yes, I do understand your opinion. I get why Hopscotchers want this feature, but it does present problems for the Team.