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U changed your picture!!!! Sorry, a little off topic... :sweat_smile:


I noticed that, too. He says he'll always have a bear.


@Rawrbear, your new profile picture is confusing me so much! It looks like mine by so much!!!!! Plz don't flag, couldn't find the right topic for it.


maybe he thought your profile pic was really cool so he did the same thing only he added sunglasses


It is yours but with glasses.


@Phase_Studios @Ihasfluffycupcakes @friendship2468 @Lightningstrike it's the new trend!!! Pictures of @Phase_Studios photoshopped! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (Sorry off-topic)(I'll change back soon)


[siri voice] I don't get what you mean by: don't push it @rawrbear


Even if its not private you might have to ask.


Yeah! I would like, but I ran out of likes, so here :heart:


You don't have to ask to participate now this is the end of our conversation @GiraffeProductions
I don't want to get in a fight


That don't push it rawrbear conversation I was in from the beginning. And topic conversations are different.


Yeah I was pushing it with the rawrbear thing sorry


Its okay.
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Guys, let's get back on topic. :sweat_smile: @GiraffeProductions @Gabe_N


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I didn't photoshop. I embedded a movie picture


You were not in it for first


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A lot of people have been posting character ideas, and they are all so cool! :open_mouth: and btw @friendship2468 I just noticed you became a regular! Congrats!!!


Really? I can't see it. Thanks!