Make our Own Characters



With all the draw pads now on Hopscotch, people can pretty much already do all of this and publish it so everyone can see, but we haven't been having much of a problem. And now, with different clone drawing things, like the character maker by Axolotl, and megamojis, people can still do these types of things. But, even though we have the opportunity to do bad things, we haven't had much of a problem. I understand that you are trying to warn us of what might happen, which is great! But, just in my opinion, a character maker would not open up a whole new possibility of inappropriate things on hopscotch.


What's a PN? Is that some kind of slang talk for Poo Nuggets?


Erm, you wouldn't want to know. :sweat_smile:


Oh my god @Rawrbear.. (sorry if off topic)


Yep. Eww... 202020202202020


That's inappropriate why would you say that on here?!


yeah. I get that, and in most cases I see that your right. But its like this, if it was actually a bit difficult to make that stuff know, Imgagine how easy it would be if we had the custom character creator. I still would be amazed if we had it but it would just be to easy to make stuff inapropriate. You actually have to try to make a drawing pad. Or download someone elses. (and ive done the stats, you get 1/3 of the likes and branches if your project was remixed from someone else. On average and not including chatrooms.) so you mainly are going to set up this whole drawing thing just to post explict content on hopscotch? I really dont think it would be worth it. But with an easy character designer not only can you make a character that everyone can see, you also dont have to be generally good to make it.


Game age limits would help against scary or gory pictures


Oh, okay! In that case, I used the Sketchbook Xpress app which is just a simple drawing app, in case there are any up-and-coming artists looking for an app to draw with. Thanks t1!


Uhh... Ok...... Yea.... :no_mouth:


Stop it it's not funny


K. Sorry



This is a Great Idea I havent been on the forum forum for awhile i think this is a great idea we should all email hopscotch requesting this idea!!! What do you guys think?


Why the poo would you even want to say that???????!!!!!!!!!! That is not an appropite language for the Hopscotch and the Forums, please don't ask and stupi-d questions.

P.S Trying to make it clean here on the Forums.


Wait, who are you talking to? (I'm a girl but I have an autistic brother so I know this)


I was talking to you @friendship2468, I am not trying to be rude or mean.


Wait, about the poo nuggets?


Ya @friendship2468, about what you were saying here,


Hey, those are inappropriate things! But, hey, would I get in trouble for drawing them or a toilet?


Hey you just said poo so why did you say I can't say it