Make our Own Characters



yeah but hopscotch king replyed to me saying that. But this is a character page. Not a coding page.


That's a really cool character idea @Waffle_Draws!

And it's completely fine to talk about other apps or tools on the forum like to help others with doing things on the forum or Hopscotch. (I've shared the app Skitch for annotating images on the forum and Paper for getting HSB colours of Hopscotch characters) :smiley:


It can be also used to have objects move to where you tap, or to make items you can drag.


i mean if someone thinks making your own characters is a terrible idea then why can we draw things?


custom characters just dont make sense. how is team hopscotch going to moniter all of our art? what if one kid bullies another by making a character of them getting beat up? or if someone makes an inapropriate character with gore and blood or Explict content and stuff? If people have the power to do amazing things, then people also have the power to abuse it.


That's true! All of it. Maybe all stuff will get sent to Hopcotch before they publish it!
Edit: now I think of it, it may take days, or months to publish!


Then there could be a "report character" button to report a certain character in a project


that wouldnt be fast enough. Plus how do you know im making fun of a friend if he doesnt have hopscotch? Or how do you know something could be mean or offensive to someone? Plus, then people could report all kinds of things, wether they actually DO have inapropriate characters, or just made a cool looking one. People are mean sometimes. You just cant expect them to make the right choices. Plus, hopscotch team will still have to filter the projects that actually have bad characters in them from the ones that dont. Its basically the same as the report project button. Completely useless.


because drawing things uses code. You actually have to put effort into making an acurate drawing of someone or something. Even if it is inapropriate. Also, art doesnt have the same properties as characters. You cant shoot art to kill it, Or make art fight each other without some serius code, but with characters you just put a little code here and there and you can make some pretty messed up stuff. Plus, if its on an art pad then no one else can see it But a character is universal. Everyone can see your abomination.


@hopscotch_king We do have last touch x and y but that was for art. I dont see the art you draw, and you dont see mine. so I cant really draw something horrible and share it unless if you guys pay a lot of attention to thumbnails. More importantly, I cant make anything do bad things. You cant make your friend die in a drawing, but you could in a project if he or she was a character!


I love the idea of the penguin and the duck.


No ugh your own characters like in scratch that's what I'm trying to explain! You don't have to be so mean about my idea


Ya! And maybe, like scratch, we can draw the character and/or unload a picture!


not trying to be mean. its just that with your idea you can draw Curse words. OR Worse. Like privates or a person who killed them self. You could make something pretty dark. Not like im going to do that but if it was ever released it would have some downfalls with the inappropriate content. Not trying to put you down or anything, its good to think of some cool guys you want to be in hopscotch. Just, how do I put this... Dont expect hopscotch to make a character designer. Or a custom drawing for your guys. Sorry, just please dont be upset @friendship2468. im only trying to inform you guys of the consequences.


You can just report them! It would practically instantly go away!


We have a robot, robo is a robot
But, we should also have different types of robots


No she means you hurt her opinion ok :confused:


to you. but it would take a while before it disapears for other people. plus, how would you know if its not offensive to someone else?


opinions cant be hurt. they are a way of looking at things. we can change peoples opinions but we cant HURT them. But I get what you mean. Im trying to persuade her to think my way. Yes I am. But so what? Others are doing it to me and im fine. Plus she never told me to stop and she cant because people are entitled to their opinions weather people try to sway you or not. So... if you want to ignore me you can but im still able to express my opinions without the disturbance of public peace. Thank you for understanding. :chicken:


but what if I made my friend. He doesn't play hopscotch and only I would know him. Then in my project I make it so you have to shoot him to win. You wouldn't know if its a real person or not. plus how can you report it if your not sure what it is. What if its a Slightly strange looking alien that just so happens to look a little like something gross? People could also just go and report inappropriate characters all willy nilly. Finnally, what if you made something that is copyrighted?