Make our Own Characters



My character ideas!


I also thought if there was a character editor it might look like this


This is in tynker too see:


I've never been on Tynker before so...


@Gabe_N, Tynker may be more better to Hopscotch to ONLY some people because they look you have your own characters and the coding could be a little harder. What I don't really like about having a picture of us and then using it as a Hopscotch profile picture. I don't feel very good about that. I was wondering if we could have like pictures of our projects? Or maybe Hopscotch can give out like a pixel art profile or anything like that. New "animal" characters would be great, though! Star Girl or Chilliana are great examples of "human" characters. If we want human characters as our profile picture, we should have like realistic human characters.


Yes.... That would make HOPSCOTCH even more awesome! I've actually thought about this before, but I think with even MORE code in this app, it would crash even more than it does to me now.


I love your drawings @Glitter_Kitty


Aw, thank you!!! That means so much to me!!!


That looks like it's real!!!! Perfect way to set it!


That is possible. Well in keynote and stuff on a computer that is...


@Glitter_Kitty, this is so cute and realistic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS SO GOOD AND AWESOME AND AMAZING AND ALL OF THE OTHER AWESOME AND COOL WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Did you see axolotl's "Draw and Play" project?


Oh, and @Glitter_Kitty, I think your cat on your profile picture is so cute!!!!!!!!! And you are such a good Artist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@CreativeCoder great idea! How did you do that?


@TheAquamarineWolf I used an app called You Doodle to edit pictures


Maybe the next update should include changing the colors of characters! @friendship2468 thx for making a school to cool video about me, I appreciate it!


You're welcome:) you're also right, it would be cool to change our characters colors, like in scratch.


Yea it would be awesome to make a purple cupcake or a blue octopus and ps can I make a school video about you because I want permission first


It's fine with me. We have our independence (if you live where I live)


You mean you live in the USA?