Make our Own Characters



You CAN create your own characters... with CODE. That's the whole point :wink: (DunDunDuuunnnnnnn)


What do you mean, I think the person who started this meant like new Star Girls and etc.


No she meant drawing your own characters and, as I have stated before, Hopscotch isn't a drawing app


Oh, I thought she meant, oh, thanks for clearing it up for me!!


Hopscotch is not a drawing app. It is a coding app. I think people should take their art they make on hopscotch and turn it into a game or animation. As much as I like to see the featured art, I feel like it could go farther.
Also, when creating our characters... we would draw them, then upload them. See "The Power of Upload:outbox_tray:" topic.
Thirdly, creating our characters by code is cool...but realize that that limits creativity and that no other block programming system makes you go through that extra 50 lines of code. I know people like the challenge, but even real typed code lets you upload images, so why have a block coding app to introduce code to beginners, have such an unneeded challenge?


Welcome to the forum! This is great!


I've been on the forum. And it is..well...entertaining.


She's talking to someone else.


Oh. Whoops. Not the first time that's happened to me....


off topic

super mean

Harry potter is not real


That's mean! I can believe in magic if I want and ne did I say anything about Harry Potter magic here?


Sorry, I'm so mean :smiling_imp:


Harry Potter may not be real, but magic is.


Thanks! Missed you! I'm now Caitlin-🤗!


I would show my drawing, but the pic is on my iPad... ;-;


This would be my character!


You like Shopkins?! I do too but I don't collect them anymore because I want to collect HP wands.


I :heart: HP (I have 6 wands) and Drawing Shopkins:


Omg are any of the wands illuminating? Where did you get them? Online hp store? I look at stuff there.


I think that, instead of drawing characters, it could be like one of those 'Make A Superhero' apps or something so that you could pick certain body parts from the different sections. E.g you could choose a rabbit nose, dog eyes, human head and so on.