Make our Own Characters



oh, well people cant be on the forums all day now can they? Enjoy the time you have while you have it right? I know its not like @evie is dead or anything, but people come and go about everything. The least we can all do as individuals is be nice to each other, because who knows when people wont return.


Thanks! I sadly don't have the picture anymore (Luckily I did take a pic of him :3}


If you advance past hopscotch you could use that bird in a game! I dont know but it sure looks cute!


Yes, that's true. But until the Hopscotch Team makes custom characters, we should probably use shapes to make our characters. :neutral_face:


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Scratch is actually more powerful and people upload images in real code. Hopscotch just has less features and is in most ways "easier." I think Hopscotch is starting to develop into something great like scratch.


No, it's harder!, hopscotch has less blocks ect. So u have tocode that, without those blocks....


we should be able to draw it ourselves like a jpeg or png


Yup. I say that all the time. Hoping that the Hopscotch team will listen.


You should see "The power of UPLOAD:outbox_tray:" topic.


If only this could be a charecter...

Very detailed...

Made on my drawing pad coming soon...


Haha. Welcome to the forum, by the way.


My point. Why uploading is a must.


Can I edit him and computer add color to it? I will give credit!


I like it haha and welcome to the forum!


Credit to @WoodenSwan I colored him!


LOL I love it's so funny and great :heart_eyes:


That would be so cool! I would especially like it if they allowed us to make not only our own characters, but our own animations, like on Scratch (another coding website that I do). :yellow_heart:


Scratch is great and we should include things that they have. That way hopscotch can thrive. Almost like a mobile scratch.