Make our Own Characters



thanks, not a lot of people are good with going against normality. I like to purposly see the bad sides of good things. Take this for example. I can see a lot of cool and unique projects with custom characters. However, looking at the bad things I can see people using it for revenge, inappropriate things, and to be mean to others. On the inside I really wish this could happen, but with all of the information about how people work. It turns out that this is going to be a far future update.


Nope, because in a future update, they're gonna add it! @Ihasfluffycupcakes emailed the hopscotch team about it


Yeah, but they might add it.


might... Thats a strong word considering you also might be wrong. Im sure it will happen eventually, but thats going to be when people dont need hopschotch to make sure there is no bullys. The thing is, hopscotch has tons of updates to prevent us from being a bully. So, if we were good enough to not need those updates maybe then we could have custom characters.


There's more to it than just uploading. You need to edit everything so it becomes in a pixel form, not .jpeg or .png. It's not a simple thing to do.


That would be awesome


I gave you your first badge your:

Sorry took me ages to find a good gif


Omg where's the gif 202020


That would be great! What about aadding images to it?


Or gifs? Because that would be great to.


THAT would be great!


Good idea! I think we should make our own characters using the new shape characters we got from the new update. Here's mine...


I like using the new shape characters we got from the last update!
Here is my character...


Wouldn't be easier to upload tiger than go through the hassle of using so many shapes that have to interact and overlap?


wouldn't be cool if we could add real music too! Like besides the Xylophone notes. Ones we can upload? Or at least record?


This is a fan-made character I made 2 months ago. His name is Feathers the Peacock:


Looks.... liikkke..... a ch... ch.. chiicken!!! Pretty cool though. I like your birds eyes. Big and wide, like a manga characters. Also, your attenchion to detail on that beak is superb. Its cute and cartoony, which is good, but with a realalistic beak it messes up the feel. Cool bird!


I missed you! Welcome back!


me specifically? I know we all miss a lot of hopscotchers because of break, but me?


Yeah. I missed @evie too though.