Make our Own Characters



As WackyBagpipe stated in a project,mad should be able to draw our own characters, like in Scratch! If you agree with the this, we should also be able to save our characters to use them later on. We could also animate by creating costumes. Do you think this would be cool?

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Suggestions for improving Hopscotch
Making charectars on hopscotch
Suggestions for improving Hopscotch

That would be cool! Thx for mentioning it!


It would be ᗩᗯEᔕOᗰE!!!


That would be so cool.......but I can't draw.:wink:


It would be pretty awesome.


I have been wondering if Hopscotch can add more characters. I've seen some pretty interesting custom ones, like "Brave the Woods". Also, I've posted 1 hand-drawn character. If you want to see it, it is in the suggestions for update topic. Can't wait to see your comments!
Wooden Swan.


What about having more characters? Like lots of them! Dragons, unicorns, robots, ninjas, monsters, lawyers, samurais, princess?


If we were able to make characters,
We should also be able to make lots of different
Poses to animate our characters.


in scratch they are called costumes, but in hopscotch different poses are called poses. Whatever you want to call them, that's fine with me. I'm sorry I was rude before. Can you guys forgive me?


For now a way of making your own characters is with text objects like ToasterRebellion has:

It would be nice making our own characters too though but they will have to be moderated so that people don't draw inappropriate stuff, unless the character designer is just made with body features like eyes, faces etc.

Love hearing all these ideas though, keep them coming!


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A "sprite" editor, like Scratch.


a Character maker and a Stop All block

Suggestions for improving Hopscotch - coin system

Hi @SnowGirl_Studios for now, there are a few ways you could try "hacking" a Stop All block :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I would personally like a cat or dog character. :cat::dog:


I so agree! I think if we can make out own characters when can create ourselves like we do in drawings and make yourself the main character!


How do you imagine the character maker?


I thik we should add in ability arguements. What this means is that when you make a new ability, you can choose if it takes a variable, such as "myability(variable):
Set text to(variable)"
And then you can use it like:
"Set value test to 10
Would set the characters text to 10.

And to @Rodrigo I would imagine a sleek sort of GUI where the whole screen is just a blank canvas where you can slide your finger from the left of the screen and it brings out a semi transparent menu with some basic tools:
Example, before sliding:

And after sliding:

The tools you get would be simple, something like shapes, drawing, and choosing drawing width and color.


I just doodled a little character that could be added to Hopscotch. His name is:
Tanny the Big Tailed Fox.