Make me blush~♡ please close!



Contest! Make me blush. Winner gets a prize of their choice on hopscotch!


Dude you have a problem with me?


you are @KayKay



Wait why? XD

This sounds weird.


Dude, just because I have the same PFP as her doesn't mean I'm her. Before I made my account I looked around on the forum and saw Kay Kay s PFP and I thought it looked nice. I'm very sorry for any confusion! :slight_smile:


@HappyDolphin and @Queen, it may just be a coincidence. Although, @Queen, if you are @KayKay, why do you need a new account? If you need a fresh start, have one completely. I'd take a break and then come back under a new name. Try to settle this! Everyone should be given the benefit of the doubt! Calm down, it's all ok!


Calm down. You have no solid proof it's KayKay.


I can make u blush easy. (My cousin does it all the time) all u do is say hey babe. But wat does this have to do with hopscotch exactly????


Dude chill. That is quite rude.


I'm not queen can you stop?


I know your new, so you need to know that every topic on the forum has to be related to Hopscotch.:slight_smile: I don't think users trying to make you blush is related.:confused:


:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:


Are you KayKay? You have the same account picture...


I'm pretty sure @KayKay and @Queen are annoyed with people asking this. Let's just allow the PFP to be a coincidence and leave them alone. I'm sure we wouldn't want to start a feud between them and the people who ask, So let's keep this friendly and let them be,


Ok! Welcome to the forum, @Queen!


Stop pretending to cry dude, you are the one who made us cry. Look, all we want you to do is to stop saying we're the same person cuz we aren't.t thx


:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:


Here's another quote xD


STOP IT. I'm not queen, I didn't brag, and you're being insensitive about this. Please stop.