Make local variables different per clone

A feature I’d like to see in Hopscotch is:

Local variables being separate for each clone of an object instead of every clone running the same rule having the same variables.

I’d use it for this type of project:

Projects where there are variables for only one rule but that shouldn’t be shared between objects.


so basically local self variables?


What does the do i dontundersadn


Here is an explanation that I hope you can understand:
A local variable is a variable that you can define a scope for to work.
For example:

When Game Starts
.Set (182) to (182) 
.Create a clone of this object
//Above is a local variable
//But you see, if I make a when cloned, the 182 local variable still show  show up.

What they want:
You can create local variables apart from the clone itself; or in other words: A clone is an object with it’s local variable that doesn’t apply to the original object’s local variables


Currently if you have multiple clones running the same rule, they will all share the local variables. This doesn’t make much sense at first.

It is also inconvient for things like this:

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Ok i appreciate that you both responded because I was actually very curious about what this does. both of your explanations were really nice, thank you