Make Hopscotch for the computer?



Can you make Hopscotch for the computer? I think it would be useful! since hopscotch is used throughout schools some are able to use I pads but some aren't and sometimes I am on my computer and I get a awesome idea but I don't have my I pad and by the time I get on I lose the idea. And a lot of people like computers cause they are a bit easier to use (But not when you draw) So maybe in the future can you make hopscotch a computer game as well?

Hopscotch on the Computer!
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This is not a bad idea I must say, as yes, you do sometimes get an idea for a project and you do not always have your iPad with you. This would also help for people with older devices and because a computer is more capable of running the 'hopscotch' app, it would mean those can edit their or play projects with ease.

Weather the Hopscotch Team make a browser version of Hopscotch, like or Google Docs (etc), or a program that you can download from their website/appstore, it would make Hopscotch more portable and usable (many other reasons)

Great Idea!
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It would be useful, but Hopscotch is made using the coding language Objective-C which is for iOS devices like iPads.

Different operating systems (like computers, gaming consoles and mobile devices and tablets) use different coding languages, so I'm not sure if it's easy and simple to add Hopscotch on another device.

It's the reason why Hopscotch isn't on Android as well, because Android devices require another programming language to learn in order to make apps on there.

Hopscotch on the Computer!

Actually, Objective-C and Swift can be implimented in a browser. Yes, different computers and devices use different programming languages, but that does not mean you cannot install more programming languages to be supported on that computer/browser. The only problem is porting over all that code to a browser. While objective c can be used in a brower/program, there is an ios api which basically means there are certain instructions you get from having your program on ios, so having to rewrite all of those for a computer would be very difficult. And also, they just use too many backend tools. Look the skills needed to code for them:
Objective C, Javascript, iOS Development, PostgreSQL, WebGL, Cocoa Touch, Ruby on Rails, Core Data, TypeScript, UIKit, Swift (Taken from their website)

You would have to rewrite all of the non-web supported ones if you wanted to make it for computer. It would be possible, but it would be extremely challenging and frankly pretty much impossible.

Hopscotch on the Computer!

They are making a browser made version right now, and they are thinking of using a simple button to simulate iPad sensors. I know because I emailed Hopscotch.


Hi there- I'm Samantha, a Hopscotch developer, in Objective C!

We are in fact, working on a browser version of Hopscotch- just the part where you play games though, not the part where you make them (that would be a whole other project!).

We're writing it in Typescript, which is a version of Javascript that microsoft makes. It's really cool. We're using WebGL to draw everything on the screen. WebGL is a language that runs on your graphics processor or GPU. That means that it's really fast.

The best part about this is that we think when it's done it will work even better than the version you use on your iPad. Hopefully we will be able to integrate it into the iOS app and eventually the Android app when we have time to make one (which we don't yet!).

Hope this is helpful- let me know if you have any more questions about our technology, happy to answer!

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Hopscotch on the Computer!
Hopscotch is back up

That's awesome!! It will be great when I want to share projects with others like from school and they don't have Hopscotch downloaded :smiley:


that's so cool! i am with you on that @t1_hopscotch


@awesomeonion Microsoft has released some software (don't know much about it) that will let iOS apps runs with objective-c on windows.

Update: It is in it's beta stages and will be released as a public beta sometime in fall/spring.

About Objective C, HS's programming language!

That is great that they are making a browser-based version of Hopscotch! I know me and my cousin will definitely use that when it comes out. :blush:


Great Idea! The Only Problem Is Hopscotch Uses Objective-C. So Its Not A Choice Unless If Hopscotch Makes A Community For Computers.
- HopscotchArt&Games


@HopscotchArtAndGames If you saw my post above, Microsoft is releasing some Bridge software that you can put iOS Objective-C games on Windows without much hassle of rebuilding the whole entire app. :smile:


@ColeDJ Thats So Cool! So Maybe They May Make Hopscotch For Computers! I Hope @Liza Sees This Post.

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Sounds Awesome @ColeDJ. Can't wait!


@BuildASnowman how did you find this out? Just wondering. Maybe they could embed objective c?


@NDSDNS There's a post above by @ColeDJ and he says there will be software released soon which lets Objective-C run on Windows :smiley::


Guys! Awesome News! There Creating A Browser Version! :smiley:


But you can only play projects not make them, I think.


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It's Out! But @Kiwicute2016 is right.