Make forums great again


So many people are always doing crewl things to people and sadly on the internet. This is a shelter a fortress of solitude where people go to forget about how people mistreated them only to find they've been hurt even more. The forums was supposed to talk about fun and encouraging conversations! Now people have abused the internet, now the forums has become just as bad a any mass media area.

I want a group of people that can stick up for other people and flag and report the mean ones. I want leaders like
(sorry for inconvenience tagged people)

We need to make the forums great again! (don't want to pull a Donald trump and say... were gunna build a firewall.)


Correct me if I'm wrong but I am not sure this is really necessary. I am not seeing anything bad happening to the forum or anyone being bullied....


how long have you been on forums because theirs always those little people how do something wrong


I have been on for 44 days.......
Okay I guess you're right.:smile:


so you know what happens youve seen those people


I'm not sure this topic is entirely necessary, because I have been on the forum for about half a year and I haven't seen that much negativity. And the negativity we did have, we solved and worked it out. The forums are like a family, we fight, but then we make up. :smile:


Well, you're right. There is negativity on the forum.
But we either get rid of the negativity by closing topics or flagging

Or we make up with each other, like a family!

There are bad things everywhere. We can't make the forum perfect.

It's nowhere near as bad as what you say.


No offense, but I think it's not necessary for now. But great topic it might be useful in the future though :slight_smile:


Hehe I've been on for 129 muahahahahah




That is just days visted.

Anyways, I haven't thing anything besides.

Well yeah the little friendship thing.:confused:

But now we're good!

I think it's been happy as ever!


No, he's still wrong, I haven't seen much bullying going on in the 178 days straight I have been here.


This brings more attentions to the negative things!


Sorry if I'm wrong but I haven't seen very bad things happen recently.

We have solved a lot of the drama and fights we had :D

As @treefrogstudios said the forums will never be perfect, but we try our best to make them as awesome as possible C:


Very true :wink: