Make Dudey Happy Again Campaign!



Hi guys,

I go to @Dude73's school, and when i see her irl, she's not herself. She's sad all the time instead of her happy, jumpy self. She's broken, as @RubyStars explained it.

We need to fix her, and how do we do that? We change our profile pictures to @Maltese's dog, that's how! :laughing:

But this is what Maltese said to Dudey:

So this campaign is to remind Dude73 to think happy thoughts instead of sad ones!

Who's with me? :D

  • Me!

  • Me!!


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Here's a picture of Malty's dog cropped into a square:

Let's make her her old self again :D

Is this a bug? ⁉️⁉️

Yeah I agree! I haven't been on the forum in a while and just realized this ;-;. I want to help!


Yeah Dude73 is super sad! I feel bad for her!


I think they have to regain their happiness themselves.


Well, she won't regain it anytime soon. Not even puns made her happy :0000


I agree, what if we find happy pic online and code them!


Why not? :smiley:


Oh my gosh, yes!!! I agree!!!! YESSS!

I've never changed my profile picture in a long time, but it's for Dudey, so I'm gonna change it.


Great idea! It breaks my heart to see so many of the usually happy people on the forum so depressed... maybe this should be for everyone, though, there are a lot of really upset people. ;-;-;
I'm really glad Dudey and you know each other irl, so you can comfort each other. :D


Me too! Maybe I could change it to me crying? Also saying "come back"


Yeah! Dude seems super sad! It makes me sad to see her sad. I really want to help make her happy


k have fun with trying to make a depressed person just kinda pop out of it. it's not going to work in 4 days like y'all think it will but okay


It's a nice idea though.


sure nice idea. but seriously just give them space. when everyone asks me "omg what's wrong" aka every teacher, it gets annoying.


I can't make her happy
I can only make her sad


Is this a good pro pic? It took me a while to make it



That is awesome! I love it!


Is dude73 leaving?! Is she?


And it's really cool.


I don't know, but should I use it as a pro pic?