Make Custom Profile Pictures In Hopscotch



Can You Add Custom Profile Pictures In Hopscotch? Like For Example, You Grab A Profile Picture From The Internet, Or Take A Picture, Then Save It, Then Add It To Hopscotch As Your Profile Picture.


No you can't add pictures in Hopscotch, but you can on Hopscotch Forums.


No, I Mean If The Hopscotch Team Could Allow It.


Yes, it's allowed, but nothing inappropriate.


You would have to double check and make a policy like... Only can use screenshots from hopscotch.


So, maybe hopscotch could add more pictures?


Or characters. We should do this like make a model and have that as your profile picture. I will look forward to this if it happens in the future


@Bubblyoreo That Idea Is In The New Hopscotch Update. Be Sure To Get It! :smiley:


I got it. YAY! mustbe20characters


On HOPSCOTCH? No it's not


Let Me Tell You The Update:

  • Profile Pictures Have Now Changed.
  • There Are Now Characters That Are Shapes (There Are Still The Original Characters).