Make an Animal with RNA and Proteins


We did this in class, and I liked it a lot, so I'm going to make it! I've been wanting to do a "Make a character" and a DNA game (I'll probably make more :smiley:), and this brings it together :smile:

What the game is, is you have to make a fake animal {unknown} looking at the genetic information. The ones we did in class weren't actually real, but I think it would look cool if they were real. Take the given RNA, and transcript it into a protein that will make traits, and form an animal.

The proteins are unknown until you transcript it using this handy chart.

So what I need is some animals, and hope that this is possible :blush:

Animals That May Be Used
- Llama
- Dolphin
- Chicken
- Polar Bear
- SpongeBob
- Dog
- Jellyfish
- Cat
- Panda
- Lion


This is so cool! But when we learned about it at school, we used a much different chart.


It took me 20 minutes to find that. We used one fairly similar to that one :wink:

Anyone have any animals that I should add?


I think you should do a llama, a dolphin, or a chicken


Or a polar bear maybe.


Yesyesyesyesyes before they go extinct @PopTart0219!


I'll be adding all these to the chart, then I'll put them into polls, and 4 will come out :slightly_smiling:


Ahh, I learned about DNA, mRNA, and tRNA this year as well! Are you doing something like a mishmash?


Sort of! What we did was transcribe DNA into mRNA, then that into Proteins, which determined a trait, which made an animal thing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: it will be somewhat like that, just not as complicated


We used spongebob as our animal with traits, and Squidward :joy:. Maybe add them to your list?

We used all of teh SpongeBob characters


You could use a jellyfish


What if we made a game where you're working in a lab and you try to make as many crazy animals/ creatures with the RNA by choosing different proteins. There could also be a story in the beginning where this scientist explains how DNA works, and then asks you to try to make as many combinations as possible.


This looks very intriguing. I like your idea cherrycupcake.


This sounds really cool!


@PopTart0219, when is the aptitude test coming?


Probably sometime in March