Make a tag list


Sorry, but I don't really like being tagged! I really appreciate it that you listed me there though!!


I'll take it off no problem​:+1:


Anyone can put their name on my list


Anyone want to be on my friend list to be notified occasionally to my general topic when I share projects, etc.?
EDIT: thats right I can't use the global edit anymore lol


I do. What are you one Hopscotch?


The same as my forum username


Ok, thanks!


Hi, I just followed you on Hopscotch XD




I'm bored XD Nice projects!


Thanks lol

laser_eyed_puppy's art tag list


Add your self! You will be tagged when I post art!


If you really, really, really want to be tagged whenever *I, @HRR1213 post ART then add your username to the list below!

Add YOUR Username BELOW!
@TheDrawer yo

Just edit your username into the spaces already added people after just add 8 spaces and do the same with yours!THANKS :blush:!!!

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@randomowlsLC @thedrawer
Is today ur last day of break?



@randomowlslc @thedrawer what are ur pfps?


Oh! O.K. That’s cool XD


it’s a thing


It's almost like that's the point of the topic wohhhhh.


Oh. Ehehehh


If only we could use the Groups forum feature... it'd make it a lot easier and save copying and pasting


I don't want to use the big OMTL all the time so this is my tag list for when I post something important that you might want to know:

Important Things Tag List


And here is my friend tag list, you can join as you please. I will use it for fun stuff sometimes.

Friends Tag List


Maltese sorry I tagged you do the second time todayXD


Add meh!


Thx for tagging me as a fren!!!