Make a tag list


Sorry, but I don't really like being tagged! I really appreciate it that you listed me there though!!


I'll take it off no problem​:+1:


Anyone can put their name on my list


Anyone want to be on my friend list to be notified occasionally to my general topic when I share projects, etc.?
EDIT: thats right I can't use the global edit anymore lol


I do. What are you one Hopscotch?


The same as my forum username


Ok, thanks!


Hi, I just followed you on Hopscotch XD




I'm bored XD Nice projects!


Thanks lol

laser_eyed_puppy's art tag list


Add your self! You will be tagged when I post art!


If you really, really, really want to be tagged whenever *I, @HRR1213 post ART then add your username to the list below!

Add YOUR Username BELOW!
@TheDrawer yo

Just edit your username into the spaces already added people after just add 8 spaces and do the same with yours!THANKS :blush:!!!

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Friends list:

(Will be used when I make an important post in my general topic)


It's almost like that's the point of the topic wohhhhh.


Oh. Ehehehh


If only we could use the Groups forum feature... it'd make it a lot easier and save copying and pasting


I don't want to use the big OMTL all the time so this is my tag list for when I post something important that you might want to know:

Important Things Tag List


And here is my friend tag list, you can join as you please. I will use it for fun stuff sometimes.

Friends Tag List


Maltese sorry I tagged you do the second time todayXD


Add meh!


Thx for tagging me as a fren!!!