Make a tag list




Wait a minute, who are you

I like to sing, dance, pretend, and kazoo


I gonna pretend I got lots of tags and lots of people are a part of my tag list

Building a list of tags!
Building a list of tags!

Please edit yourself below the line if you want to be tagged when I post pixel art



I haven't used this in awhile. :0

Does everyone still want to be in it?


If you want to be tagged when I do a trail art blah blah blah



There's mine above. Anyone can join.


Wow! I think started this topic up again with replies! XD


Whoever made the title cringy stop


My friend list

Some Of My Fwens


Feel free to add/remove yourself!


Thank you! :D

I don't actually like being mass tagged, even if I'm on a tag list made by a really good friend. Would you mind if I removed myself? :o


Not at all​:smile: I understand :+1:


Omg wat how many tag lists are there woh like there's 100 what


Thank you so much! :D


@KawaiiOaktree3 @ValueGamesStudio @TACOCODE @CandyflossClouds @Sweater @braybraylovesmonkeys @shamrockcat Are you guys okay if I add you on my tag list?


Is this a Team TACOCODE list?


Not really just a thing when I make a topic I'll add my tag list


It's okay if you add me!


Yeah, I'm fine w/ it!!
Thanks for tagging me!


Of course!