Make a tag list


I'm okay. Thanks for asking, though!


Tagging people, anyone want to be in my tag list?
(Just asking...)


Hey guys... remember my art tag list? :sweat_smile:

I'm going to make a new one. And actually use it. XD

I was always worried that the people who wanted to be tagged wouldn't like to be tagged for some reason.,,,,, idk man

So here! :)


#411 one? okay I guess?


I didnt see this earlier hah a


Who wants to be tagged to my announcements

@KVJ does.
@TheDrawer :wave:.


Apparently I was tagged here by @Explorer_

Did @Explorer_ tag me in here somewhere or are my notifications messing up lol


I taggged you, look at the first post


okay :smiley:

Yaaayyyyy lol



Thanks for adding me @Explorer_!


Tag list of friends: (these people will be tagged for important info in my general topic)



Yo fwiend

Tanks fo addin me fwiend


Hi :smiley:


Tag list of friends



Thanks for putting me in your list! Would you like to be in my friends list? :slight_smile:



Yaaay!! Lol


Hello :slight_smile:
(Do you have a tag list?)


Sure of course your one of my mentors


Are you talking to meee?? Lol