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October 15
@ValueGamesStudio's Squad Add yourself!


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October 15
Yes please I am having trouble
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@KVJ I think they copy pasted an email they received


I guessed. @Funky_63_Greenland replied to me once in a similar way.

Just like then, I'm confused why?


Does dis topic work


@Madi_Hopscotch_ @FoodDelivery @minioncandy @KoalaKrazy @BB-Box @PixelMaste64 @KVJ are you okay if I put you guys in my tag list?


Ya sure!


Okay!! Let me start it!!


I just might not be as active cos I have homework, assignments due tomorrow and exams :)


Okay!! That's fine!! Also do you want to join my game contest or no?


No thank you... Sorry... I just dont feel like any contests at the moment


Ohhhhh… Okay. I need more people. And before you have a final answer. It's a team contest.


I changed my mind.


Thanks so much!! That really helped!!


Could i be team captain?

I have a really good idea for a game.


We are going to vote on one!! Also lets go to my general topic. So that we don't get banned for being off topic.


Okay. Thanks!


Sure! That would be great!


Yeah sure

put meh in every tag list