Make a tag list


Where is the bookmark post?


@KVJ a what?


I'm not on there ಠ`⌒‘ಠ


@ValueGamesStudio this symbol

It appears after clicking the ••• like @KVJ said


Click the ••• then click the thing that looks like a bookmark or a fish tail


It's not a wiki post so no one can edit it :0


@KVJ oh I already fixed that like five minutes ago, see?

(Sorry if this post came out rude)


I has many frens :0

Frenpais of @KVJ/Komplettverrücktjunge/Komplett2 iPhone:


@PINGU (#0.1 AC!) (AND FREN. I Think...) this is Frens btw :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Maltese ;D

@LazyLizard (frenpai)

@PerfectPanda24 (i think we're friends...)

@Candycane #0.000000001 FREN and yandere XD and senfrencodingpartnerpai

@OnceUponATime yandere bean and frenpai ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

@Hero_Dino hi KVJ teh CoSine and gif master. bows

@Hoppertoscotch I'm da ultimate fren and my mustache laughing man agrees X(D

@DMF (I hope). Also, I know you since January 2016 :stuck_out_tongue:


@KVJ for a second there I thought I was in the list :0 but I'm not and I can add myself but I don't know if I'm worthy HELP

Translation: Do I be you fren?

Translation Translation: Am I your friend?


@thedrawer @randomowlsLC

Is today ur last day of break?


I don't see a pencil though


Of course you do be my fren.


Add meh plez!!!



But anyway yay Imma add myself to your fren list




Can I be in it :D


Ohh facepalm





Thicks :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks :D