Make a tag list


You can edit it in the topic! :D


I know but I am just making a post for you to edit then I can transfer it on the top post !


Oh, sure! :D


Sorry, I am not on the official mass tag list!


Yes you can be in mine!

You don't have too ask!


Does anyone wanna be in mine?



Anyone want to be in it?


I'll be in yours :DDDDDD


Bump :D
I'll be in yours @TheDrawer
Will you be in mine :smirk:
I'm bumping like every topic lol


Sure and thanks :DDDD


@Paige1212 can I have permission to add you to my friends list?


@ValueGamesStudio should I make a list for you?


Yes please I am having trouble


@ValueGamesStudio's Squad Add yourself!



So how do I put it in topics do I press some sort of button?


I have an idea for a list.
(Edit: whoops I don't have regular so I have to add everyone)

Hacker Smackers Squad!

@Hoppertoscotch (DUH)


Tip: only add yourself in lists :wink:


You can click the β€’β€’β€’ then bookmark the post.

To put it in a topic just copy and paste!


Btw for that list I had to, I feel like my Hacker Smackers books are a big thing now. (My topic exploded when I released the first book X(D...)


May need a wikification...