Make a story for a Hopscotcher!


This is like Imagination is cool, so use it here! You create a Hopscotch story about a Hopscotcher of your choice.
I SBYP and found nothing totally like this.
Please inform me if there is. :D

My story:
One particularly cloudy day, Hopscotcher JohnnyGamer went on his iPhone to check activity. As usual, there was some. As usual, he checked every activity. As usual–wait, unusual...There was much more activity then he had ever seen! And at the very bottom, this came up:
SmilingSnowfalkes started following you! 1h ago
He freaked so much, he accidentally dropped his iPhone! But as he dropped it, he got zapped into the world of Hopscotch...

To be continued...



Here's a like :hearts:
Cool story

summons @SmilingSnowflakes >; )


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This is quite similar to the imagination topic doe.


Once upon a time there was a magical Pingy by the name of @Pingu. Pingy loved hopscotch. One day, as normal, Pingy woke up and logged on to the forum. She was shocked to see she didn't have one notification! Then she shrugged. "Welp," she says to herself, "maybe they'll be something later." Then she turned of her iPad and set to work drawing.

That afternoon, Pingys sister Frosty (@SmilingSnowflakes) came home from a long voyage to find The Cosine Master (@CosineStudios). Frosty wanted to train and learn to become a cosine master so she could take her trail art to the next level.

Frosty came in looking exhausted. Pingy helped her sit down and fetched some wasabi and tem flakes. Frosty was panting. "Frosty what's the matter?" Asked Pingy in a worried tone. Frosty looked at her, shaking. "Cosine.... Forum.... Acti-" Frosty passed out. Panicked, Pingy new what she had to do. She ran over to her iPad and logged on to the forum. But it was too late.



To be continued....



'Who should I do" I think to myself. As I see everyone in my bio.... I want to limit down to them.
But then theres so much other hopscotchers.... faints


Once upon a time there was a Lucy called @StarryDream, she lived with her imaginary friends called Big Potato and Mr Trololol and @OnceUponATime
One day @StarryDream got bored and jumped off the roof and sang
I believe I can fly
I got shot by the FBI
All I wanted was a chicken wing,
But they shot me at Burger King.
I believe that I'm dead,
They took aim & shot me in the head.
I believe I can die!
But @OnceUponATime heard her singing and saved @StarryDream's live. But she was still badly injured.
Unfortunately, @StarryDream died when it was Peanut Butter Jelly Time.

@StarryDream and @OnceUponATime did NOT live happily ever after.


One there was a fluffy Marthmallow unironically called @Fluffymarshmellow And enjoyed her days with another marshmallow.

Until @AmiiboTrash came and properly dispose of the other marshmallow.

She doesn't regret it.


A work of art.


one day there was a potato named @hopscotch_king who was thrown in the garbage can by @system


one day
kind dog (@CreativeCoder)
turned into a snowman (@buildasnowman)
Then was the king of hopscotch (@hopscotch_king)
And then..
Hey! Why did you do that @StraightTrousers D:
....AND THEN...
kind dog, the current hopscotch_king, turned into
....and got eaten by @KVJ
R.I.P kind dog

the end :D


So I turned into like 3 things and then died

Thicks fren


Lol ur welcome XDDDD


(that's me guise)...
In a land far away...
A Tem named @Pingu was eating wasabi. Her tem fren @SmilingSnowflakes had disappeared, and Pingy was going to crack the case!
PingTem looked everywhere, and found her sister, TemSnowflakes, eating carrots in da closet. And then a portal in the closet sucked everyone into a different dimension, and the carrot was blewn to bits. After they got out of the Land Of The Talking Chakins, the place the portal had sent them, they had a funeral for the carrot.
The End.


I really wanna draw TemSnowflakes eating a carrot now




Once upon a time...
Wait, that's too cheesy, lemme try again
There was this guy named MobCraft. He ate a banana with SWWH.

The end


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