Make a mobile app for the forums

So something that hopscotch should add is a mobile app for the forums. Or maybe they could just implement the forums into the main app.

Because I use the forums on my phone, I saved the site on my homescreen. Its less buggy than entering on the site with other browsers, but still, there are plenty of annoying stuff that happens randomly.

so yeah please make mobile support better or just make a mobile application even tho I believe the forums were made out of a free template


Hi! This is a great suggestion, however:

  1. This forum is operated by Discourse, and they have controls over what gets added to the forum as well as its functionality. Sure, we can customize some things, but Hopscotch didn’t develop the forum.
  2. There is an app already! It’s called Discourse Hub, and I believe it allows you to sign into any discourse forum, including this one.

I can confirm that the DiscourseHub app works perfectly with the Hopscotch forum!


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