Make-a-Match Collabs



Have you ever been wanting to do a collab, but have no partner? Here's a topic where you can be paired up with one or more! The idea started when @MYD wanted a collab with me, but I didn't have time. This also keeps the forums cleaner and more organized so people don't start a topic looking for a collab partner, and then make a new topic for the collab itself! Stay on topic and be nice!
Also, I need one person to help keep this uncluttered!

I need a coding partner. Plez? Helpz?
Does anyone want to do a collab?
Official coding partner topic

Could we be it? Or does it have to be a leader?


Sure! You guys could definitely help out!


Okay, thanks! Just, if they are like plots to make fun of people, be mean to people, bully, report as much projects as possible, or do anything bad, tell a leader, right?


Yes! And flag. Any rudeness won't be tolerated.


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Anybody want a coding partner?


No thank you but hi! (202020200202020202002020202020)


Need coding partners and collab partners? Come here!


Ok! Hi!

If you ever see someone who needs one, direct them to this topic!


I will spread the word on other topics :wink:


Ok! Thanks!


Free collabs!
Now I sound like a guy selling hotdogs. :wink:


I'm already in a collab, sorry.


It's fine, I'm not starting one.


Reviving this topic!



I wonder why tankt revived this…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:





Could I have a coding partner?