Make a logo for hopscotchers!



Hi! This is where you can make a logo for yourself and other hopscotchers! You can draw it on hopscotch or paper or another drawing app. Or code it. Just putthe username of the hopscotcher you are doing it for, then the pic. Have fun, fellow hopscotchers! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Can you please make one for me?


Sure!! Sorry I replied so late!


It might take a while, my iPad went dead, and I can't do it until it charges.i will probably have it in about an hour.


Okay, we will be asleep by then. You can use it while it is plugged in though!


It doesnt work when the battery is critically low. I have about 40% battery, so i managedto finish it. I kind of messed upxon the eyes. Here it is!


Thanks! I like it!


Make one for me