Make a Hopscotcher Melt With Kindness!



Obligation ?

I mean it though


Thank you. Really.
Honestly though, one night I was trying just to make Photo hanky and it ended in her challenging me to no self harm for 2 weeks


Now look at you

No self harm for over a month right


Closer to 2 months. If it weren’t KayKat challenging me to go until May 3rd, I would be doing it like every other day


Hey you should make it to my birthday!
May 21
It would be a nice birthday present


No promises…but I’ll try


aw this is an old topic but a good one

never forget that liza herself came to change it from “die” to “melt with kindness” LKJDGKJSHDGKJS


I need to melt a few people.

@Maltese, I don’t even have the words for how amazing you are. You are one of the best trail artists to ever be on HS. You are beautiful inside and out. You are an amazing friend. The list goes on and on.

@photographer123, I just don’t know how. I don’t know how you’re so amazing. All those nights that I was at the end of myself ready to…yeah…you were there to listen. That meant more than you can ever imagine. There have been times I’ve even wanted to pretty much be you because you are so just…awesome. Ily. hugs

@MiNi, I don’t know if you’ll even acknowledge this or not, but I just want to let you know that I’ll never forget how amazing you are and the impact you left on me.

@KayKat, things have been kinda…bumpy…between us lately, but I’m hoping that we could get back to the point where we were in the good ol’ days. The point where we could laugh and cry all at the same time.

@Gobli09, I’ve admired you for quite a while even if I haven’t always told you so. The fact that you listened to my sob stories for a while over ROBLOX only made me like you even more. As for the cat surgeries, they will continue, but I only do them because I love you too much to let you have a nose.


You made my day !
Thank you so much :)

You did a good job.

I was fine until this :(


I just mean that I love you as a friend


I was joking XD


aww thank you so much Sophia. this is incredibly sweet and ily more than you know. this makes me smile. thank you so much


No, thank you. I almost teared up writing that.


im not even a good trail artist im way past my kawaii days what makes yall think im so good at it smh


but thank u i really appreciate u not letting me go


I’ll never let you (or your amazing smell) go. Oh, and if you were to look out your window…I mean, I can’t help but gawk at you bc you’re too pretty :wink:


haha, very funny. u might as well know im at my ugliest point when at home so the view aint very nice💀


You’re still beautiful though, both inside and out.




Revive time, and y’all know if I’m going to revive a topic like this, I’m going to make it good.

@FearlessPhoenix, 2017 was a relatively bad year for me. Like deprèssion and all that junk (ya know what I mean) kind of bad. Having every good friend of mine at the time leave the forum (photo and I weren’t super close yet and I hadn’t really gotten to know Horse and Cat at all…and I didn’t know Nindroid was Oribi so I didn’t trust him) didn’t help much. My only place to safely vent to human beings is this forum. So many times, I thought to myself, “If I could bring back one good friend, who would it be?” I mean, most people (including myself) would expect me to say Mimi or Katie, but every single time my mind went to you. I haven’t ever figured out exactly why I wanted you back so much. I reckon I just wanted someone who would listen, relate, and encourage; and you do all three of those all the time for anybody and everybody. So I just want to say thank you. Yes, you left for a year, but in the times I have talked to you before you left and since you came back, I’ve seen even more than before that you’re an amazing person who deserves way more and much better than what they get. Ily (in a friend kind of way)