Make a Hopscotcher Melt With Kindness!


You're super awesome! You're kind and nice! Your coding skills are superb! You're also very friendly!


Le yeah!
*muah ha ha ha
(This is not just to make you melt this is,complimenting you)


Can somebody try to kill me?
(it's probably pretty easy, I will die fast XD)


Your awesome, your username is awesome, your profile pic is awesome



@SweeTeaStuffz, girl, all I have to say about you is that you are strong and I wish I were as strong as you. You’ll make it through whatever comes your way. You’ve got this.

@photographer123, what makes a person totally amazing in your eyes? Bc whatever things you think make someone amazing, you are all of those things.

@FATTCAT, you remind me of myself in certain ways (then again, I say that about a lot of people), but I hope you will at least do one thing that I have failed at: realize that you are amazing


Tysm that means a lot


@sophia71205 - Your like a sister to me and I love your personality Always be you because no one could ever take your place in this world
@PIANOMAN - Art.I love it and I think your so kind please stay the innocent cinnamon roll I know and cherish
@HorseLover347 - I’m so happy we became friends I look forward to our conversations every day
@Xman0417 - You make me laugh and I need it more than ever right now
@Dude73 - Your kindness is contagious my friend it’s awesome ;0


Aw, that’s so sweet. That means a lot to me. Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Any time


And there’s been something else I’ve been wanting to tell you:
You’re a really good friend. Not just to me but to everyone. You’re always trying to help people out even if you’re not that close with them. Keep it up :+1:


Awe tysm ! ^v^


Ahh thank you. One of my Hopscotch friends just came back on the app.


Yay !! That’s great!


Hello guys!1 Um… Uh idk what to say


OMG I’m sorry here:
@Jordan - Your so cool and you make me smile thank you !


thanks cat!! me too!! <3 like sophia said, it means a lot ;)


@FATTCAT, you’re amazing, strong, beautiful, and loved by so many. Don’t forget it. Life may be tuff and unfair, but you (with God…and Piano) will make it through. Ily.


OMG tysm

You’re so amazing Sophia! Love yourself always because you’re worth it


You’re welcome.

And tysm. That means a lot to me.

Why do always people start trying to make me feel good when I’m trying to make them feel good?


@Dude73, girl, you’re amazing. If you weren’t, I wouldn’t look up to you and want to be like you.