Make a Hopscotcher Melt With Kindness!


I've never even seen the show, I just searched up hetalia puns. I'm sorry. :P


Ah, I see.

Whoever did it... well... it was a multi-layered thing.

The first layer: Wow. Puns.

The second layer: Austria betrayed Hungary and allowed Turkish/Ottoman Empire troops to occupy all of Hungary, so that when Hungary realized that the troops weren't there to help, it was already too late.
Since Turkey was allied with Greece at the time, there were Grecian soldiers scattered about, too.

continues to drown in tears

You succeeded in killing me, Dudey XD


Thank you!


Oh wow, I'm sorry! :000
You did ask to be killed though


Yep... So I don't blame you.

The death came in two waves:

ahahaha that's a great pun—
oh no does tHaT—


and silently tags @minioncandy


I was freaking out with the title! :joy: Great idea Waffle_Draws


Can someone try killing me?


heres something. FPS meters are a real thing in Hopscotch :open_mouth:
I'm ded from sheer anazement of my success, so bury me and steal my technology


@Caramel_Puffin eyyyyyy time to get urself complimented waits


Wait what?
Ahahaha like wait as in the last word you posted- never mind. XD


Okay you're here? Good
gets mic and beatbox
You're an amazing person, a fantabolous writer, a excellent coder, and the most skilled punawan I have ever met
;-; I couldn't make it rhyme @Caramel_Puffin


Someone kill me please thicks! :wink:


I think I've died before


Your art has seen one of the biggest whoosh's I've ever witnessed. You went from good to somehow even better, and even now you're still improving.



I'm alive
No one wants me to die


Just a thought,

You shouldn't beg to die :0
Let people naturally compliment you until you die, or else it doesn't matter :O

I don't mean like asking to try and resist but don't beg or self pity because nobody has made you die! You amazing and you don't need to be dead to know that :D

Not that anyone is self pitying or anything just a reminder!


Thanks for pointing me out



I didn't point you out :0
It was just a random reminder to not self pity, you weren't doing that :D

By self pity I mean like "nobody cares about me I have no friends nobody's ever going to make me die"


dies TYSM!