Make a Hopscotcher happy



Some people are very sad for not getting any credit for their projects but I want everybody in HS to be happy...
Today I will set a group that is very large to follow/like/remix one person who is not well known.
List of members:

Let's make Hopscotchers happy!
Note: if your member you can't get spammed with likes/follows/remixes


I love this idea! Its kind of like TheHappy :D and the spam likers and followers!(i'm a part of both) I love anything to do with making others help me! Count me in!


I spam like at least one person every day. But this sounds fun! Can I join?


Sure but we need more members cause we only have 3


Can I join?? I would love to be a member!




Thank's so much!! I would like to make @Cinderleaf and @Fun_in_the_Sun happy today.


@Kitkat26 to make more of a suprise we need about 3-5 more members then I'll start the request for who you guys/girls want to raid


Okay. I'll wait awhile. I may not be on every day, but I'm on regularly. Is that okay??


That's okay you can put this topic to watching so you know you can raid


I already have it on Watching. So excited for this to start. I also invited MYD to join. We are friends on Hopscotch and follow each other.




Now watching...


I just hope she sees my invite and joins....
Please join @MYD!! You will really like this club!!


Can I join this club?


I need to revive this topic


U just did. ♪☆(≧∇≦)♪☆☆


Could I join @Razor please


This group is free to join :smiley:


Of course I would want to do it, I think I would be good at it!