Make a hopscotch bot? (Collab?)


I have this idea of making a bot on hopscotch for hopscotch. If anyone wants to help out or just give a idea for a feature, all is appreciated!.!!


A bot? What do you mean?


I’d ask the mods for that.



This thing where there are all these things you can do, how do I link a hopscotch game for a example


On the hopscotch app not for here


Link a game in the hopscotch app?



FSomething like this but a more polished version


Oh, that’s really cool!

I guess you could ask HS what the use for coding the app, use that coding language to make a bot of sorts, and send it to HS.


Do any of you want to help make it?


I agree with @AwesomeNachos. And I’ll try to help!


Should I make a collab account?


Don’t want to use my personal hopscotch account


I think they use Swift.

And what do you mean by a bot?


No,don’t make one. If you do,you would have to tell us the password,and anyone could see it.


Instead,don’t make a account


I could email you maybe


People know hacking. Let’s try the safer option.


You can give commands, play mini games, other stuff


So a Hopscotch Project?

That’d be easy.

Good luck, let me know if you need help