Make a hole 3D?



Right now I am making a game. There are holes, and I used the circle character to make them, but they don't look like holes. I want them to have a 3D look to them, so you actually feel like if you stepped on it you would fall down it. Can you please help me with that?


Do you have iOS 9.1? there is a 3d hole in that!


oh ya.


@AHappyCoder yes, I have IOS 9.1. No idea what you are talking about though.


This emoji: 🕳

It is under objects


Tell me if this goes good.

Well, answer already!


Sorry I was doing homework...I think it looks good!


I think that looks cool too @Hoppertoscotch just remember to be patient though :smile: No one can be on the forum all the time


Oh I didn't mean like it took a while, I just thought you would go silent after seeing it. :grin: I'm sorry. I don't get how that would be good in a horror game.....? Like, how does that bright silver not.......well.....ruin the dark scene? @CreativeCoder


It's ok! Unless you use varying shades of HSB black colors, I think it's the only way to do it easily. It looks good to me, though! It'd be hard to see it without that.


@CreativeCoder I just really wish it was a darker silver. I don't know what to do........

#12 could try a dark circle with (idk what, maybe 50)% invisibility over it