Make a game more difficult



Hey, I've made a game called fishgame, and I want to make it a lot more difficult. Has anybody ideas? Because in my opinion it's getting pretty boring after one or two levels.


try using random, to make it more unpredictable.


Where exactly? Because I don't really understand what you mean with random (I know what the word means XD). But random on what movements in my game?


Maybe try making the time the red circles appear random, or the speed of the fish?


Sorry, I already did that.


You could have the fish always moving forward and just have the left/right arrows to turn clockwise/anticlockwise.
Have a breath meter that gradually goes down while underwater and you have to move to the surface to refill the breath meter or you die.
While at the waters surface have a bird swooping down trying to get the fish which you have to avoid.


I really like your idea @Stradyvarious! Especially the breath meter. Right now I'm gonna save your idea for later because I'm already trying to make a restart button with wich you won't lose the won money. So after a while you can buy new karakters. After this I'm definitely gonna use your idea, and I will give you the credits okay?


Thanks, but please don't give me credit. You are doing all the work and i don't want too much attention.


But it is your idea... I didn't come up it you did. Why wouldn't I give you the credits you deserve? And it's just for the breath meter. But alright if you don't want it it's okay with me.


Credits are a way of saying thank you and avoiding copy right. Credits also show honesty in the creator of the new game. It doesn't give attention, it just shows where their ideas came from.


Yeah, that's the reason I still putted @Stradyvarious in my credits in my fishgame:tropical_fish::tropical_fish: 2. Because it has the breath meter in it.