Make a birthday party!



If you know if it's someone's birthday and you will have a party for him/her! Maybe you do it on a doc but if you don't have it, you can't do it there! If so, have a birthday party here! Post something like:

Happy birthday ____! Let's have a birthday party!

Or something like this! The have a party! We could have a party now and not just a person who say "Happy birthday"! It will be fun for the people who have a birthday!
It must be hopscotch related, like make birthday card at hopscotch! Don't do it to crayzy!



Happy Birthday @Kiwicute2016
Happy Birthday @Kiwicute2016

#Happy birthday @iPlazma!

lets have a party!


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Thanks! I will add that it must be HS related!


Yay, @iPlazma! How old are you? :older_man:


It's okay to ask how old someone is but don't ask something that is much personal info!


Wait, what? I don't get it. :D


He's saying that it's okay to ask for age but don't ask for anything more than that


Okay, thanks! :D


I have make a birthday card for you @iPlazma!
Birthday card


Cool idea!


I think @iPlazma left or is leaving :grinning:


I don't really know @iPlazma but people says that he is mean/rude. I dunno if he really is or not.


Nothing happened when it was my birthday....:pensive:
My birthday was Februrary 28th and I announced it and all sorts and no one did anything.....
Now look at this topic. If it only it were here back then...


@Hoppertoscotch, my birthday is the 27th of February! That's cool.


X(D That's awesome. We should get a double birthday party going on the 27th next time we can!


Yay! The thing is, what kind of birthday party would we have? A snow party?


HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Kiwicute2016!

Let's have a birthday party for her!




Happy b-day @Kiwicute2016