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Ever wonder what so AMAZING, ORIGINAL, FUN, ENJOYABLE, to make? Well, post your ideas here! Combine them and make something never made before and challenge yourself! No stealing people's ideas once the ideas have been combined! Remake games on the iPad and code them on hopscotch! You can also make a collaboration with some people and make that big project with them. Though it won't be on your account, put the credit to the side bottoms. I know some of you guys won't be willing to but encourage yourself! Life would be boring without pushing yourself! And if your too bored to do it then tell yourself, " only boring people get bored " and do it. If you find it nearly impossible, find others to collab with or branch! Explore! Nothing will stop you, (besides the Internet going out or light speed for school iPads like mine) but still! Make it your hardest worked on project and make it like everything! Go over your comfort zone and into the action! Even if you have to work on it for months, keeps working! And also, if you think it's too hard to make that project then simplify it a bit. It doesn't have to be perfect! Have fun! :wink: I don't know if I will get replies.....gtg! And also, search up the list of ideas some hopscotchers made if you need them.


Ooooh!! I got a good one!! How about Subway Surfers? I love that game!


Lol, first reply! Here's a like! :heart: Yeah! I love that game, but some people already made it. Try adding stuff that the game made like characters running so it won't get boring.