Make 2D sprites+3D paper models with Voxel Builder


With Voxel Builder you can make 3D objects with blocks like minecraft and change the view to save the image as a 2d sprite.
These sprites would be good for making a first person 3D type game with still/animated sprites.
Also you can have a model of your 3D object printed on paper to make a real 3D model like 3D printing.



Wow! That's super cool! :smile:


The more I think about it, the more I like this idea for a Hopscotch project!

It could be like a pixel pad but with Z (height) layers too. After the layout is created in the pixel pad, it could be rendered in 3D perspective. A limited number of the edges (wireframe) could be displayed in real time allowing movement in the 3D perspective view to set the "camera" to a new position which could then render (shade) the whole static scene.

*limited number because it takes one "pen" (object) per edge to display real time 3D perspective. Each real time wireframe cube would need 12 objects (one for each edge) and currently Hopscotch projects are limited to 512 objects maximum. But that wouldn't prevent a more complete rendering when the movement stops.

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It would be interesting drawing a building from a birds eye view and then having the building being drawn from a side view automatically. Even without the different 3D angles..

Maybe tapping to place squares from a top view, then having a building drawn from an isometric view rising from the square.
The wait times for the furthest buildings will have to be shortest to be drawn first.


Not 512. I've tested it. I'll post a link in a few moments.
EDIT:it's 507!?
Last time I tested it was 510.


I got 510 clones + 1 original
So that's 511
I forgot the Sprite that's a counter.
So that's 512 sprites


The number of clones that you can create is dependent on the number of objects you start with. The total number of objects, clone or otherwise, is 512.

Your project starts with 5 objects, so 512 - 5 = 507 clones that it allows you to make.


This is really aweosme! So do you how this could be made in HS. Like how could it be converted into 3D?


This is so cool! :thumbsup:


Okay, so it's 512 max objects.
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