Major Project Bug

Really bad one, too. I've encountered this twice. What happens is that sometimes a project will revert back to an earlier state, and its really annoying because some changes get removed, and if you did a lot in one session of coding, all of it could be gone.


Its so annoying! It just happened to me a minute ago and the worst part is that i coded a whole project and it went back to the state when there was one text object and it had no code
It was a simple project but i dont want to code it again


i cri evrytim...


That happened to me a few days ago with a project. It wasn't too big of a deal for me, but I can see how it could get bad.


Is THT aware of this?

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Copy it every time you change it.


Im also working on a draft that is a remix from another one of my projects i made a whole title screen and made it so every other object would wait until a value was at one and then i logged out and back in and the draft was exactly the same as when i saved to my drafts and i literally cried for a few minutes


This bug is so annoying!
Especially when you've worked really hard.

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Possibly, possibly not.

@Liza, @Rodrigo, @thomas, @Meg I think you should investigate this.

Also, @Steelhooves, try to make a proper bug report so they can fix it more easily :slight_smile:


I cant, i dunno where the form is for bug reports, and screenshots cant justify this bug.

To make a bug report, when making a new topic, change the category to "Bugs". I don't think you need screenshots if you don't have them, or they aren't useful for explaining the bug.


Also tagging @Montoya

This just happeed to me as well. Last Friday & Saturday I made the same edits to a project 3 separate times only to return later and find the changes missing.

The 3rd time I tried it, I
1) exited the project and reopened it. Edits were still there.
2) closed the app and restarted it. Edits were still there.
3) returned a couple hours later. Edits were gone.

There's no sense in using Hopscotch if it's not going to save the project every time. I just started the paid subscription as well, which I now regret.

@Liza I recommend making a formal announcement to acknowledge the problem & then to confirm when it's fixed. This is the type of issue that could cause an app to lose users, but I believe they'll be more understanding if they're at least advised of the problem and given reassurance that it's being addressed.


I know.
I made a Christmas card for my parents on HS in one session during Christmas Eve.
Guess what?
On Christmas 90% of it was deleted.
Thx HS


We'll put something up today. Thanks, guys!


I CrY eVEryTiME :3


I am making an art pad and I made A LOT of progress (over 30 colors, size adjustment,etc.) I exited the app because I had to have lunch. When I came back all I had left was my first square in the middle of the screen with no code. Does THT know anything about this?

If you exited the app without closing your project and going back to your profile, there's a chance the app crashed or shut down while it was closed and your work was lost. :disappointed:

It's also possible that your project got really big and was affected by a bug in the current version of Hopscotch (which we plan to fix tomorrow).

But unfortunately there's no way to recover the work you lost... sorry :frowning2:

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