Major Picture Problems!


I can't upload pictures! It works only like 20% of the time! @Liza, @Ian, please fix this! Is anybody else having problems uploading images? When I select to image it doesn't show once I close the window with the images, it doesn't show that I selected them. At first, I thought is was a simple, small glitch and I could hit cancel and the image would show, but I kept trying and it wouldn't!! Please help!


try with a computer... it might not work on a ipad or iphone


It works on the computer, but my computer is horrible. When my brother isn't, well, maybe, hogging it, it takes forever to load!


Same here. It might be your internet connection.


We do have pretty bad internet connection, I get my friends' emails 43 minutes late... Wait... Just got one 50 minutes late! My internet is OK, just using it can be super difficult..... We tried to fix it.. We called the internet place.... No luck.. :disappointed: But over the summer it made me like :angry::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:
I think we need new internet. :wink:


Yeah Internet can be annoying but there working on this thing called li-Fi which is going to be way better and it can have lots of people in an area close to each other and still be good and they might be working on some wifi stuff.


Argh sorry! Sounds like the community has helped you at least figure out why :-\

Thanks for being patient!